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Include Wine

When you think about it, wine is social. Sure you can enjoy a glass (or down a bottle) all to yourself, but the best stories, the really good memories you’ll laugh about years from now, they’re usually the ones that include sharing wine with friends, family or sometimes the odd stranger or two. So we’ve decided to experiment and make wine even MORE social. Each and every bottle of include() will display messages from people all over the world. Think about it! Your message could ignite a conversation around a strangers dinner table or just make someone smile. A truly interactive and social drinking experience.

More than anything, include() goes best with your story.Order today.


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The sun is out, birds are chirping and weekends are busy with the sounds of lawn mowers. Yes, it seems winter has become but a distant memory. Here is what's new: Our wines have started to find their way into stores around the Province thanks to the fine folks at We've also launched a new section on this website where you can join us in some lively debate. Finally our 2011 Rose has been bottled and it looks and tastes amazing. Make sure to Like our Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date news.

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