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Here's how to participate in the world’s most social wine.

You may not have as many followers as @justinbieber, but here’s a way to potentially have your social prowess and clever wit immortalized forever. On Twitter, just tweet, but make sure your message contains our twitter name includewine or the hashtag #includewine. On Facebook, just post a comment on our page. We're asking people to finish the following sentence, "Wine goes best with...". We’ll keep our eyes peeled for the most interesting messages, well wishes, hangover recipes, links to personal videos, wine knowledge, etc. Anything is on the table. Then stay tuned as we reveal each bottle design.

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Fine Print

By tweeting a message with @includewine or the hashtag #includewine or by submitting a response on our Facebook page you're giving us consent to add your name and comment to our bottle. We're pretty sure you already get that, but it's probably worth mentioning again. We will attempt to contact you for approval if your message is chosen. Along with your comment, we intend to display your Twitter handle on our bottle design but will never print anyone's full name. This isn't a contest, so you won't be winning anything by tweeting. You may however earn some good karma, receive an appreciative thank you from us, or have instant fame thrust upon you when your tweet is chosen for our bottle.

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